2015 is SOVEGA’s 10th anniversary, an important milestone and a starting point towards continuous innovation.

But what does it mean, today, to innovate in our industry? It means finding the right answers to the emerging needs. And, in order to meet these needs, we aim every day not only to the technological evolution of products and services, but we are also counting primarily on people, on their skills and ideas that constitute our identity and values.

In these 10 years professionalism, commitment, experience and flexibility have been the main assets of our market strategies.

SOVEGA came pursuing a logical loop that started by defining a clear goal: to be a service company and, at the same time, aiming to the product, by invoking the experience that we matured in almost 30 years in Finance and Health information systems. Not all the ideas that we had posed were developed and it did not miss any failure that marked some tough times. However we have achieved the goal of a solid services company. We are a mature company! The next step is to have a richer list of our own products. Therefore we already are at a new starting point, not to redesign a new cycle, but to continue to pursue the original goal.We always had the idea to put up a consolidate structure who knows how to stay on the market, regardless of the number of employees and maximizing the initial objectives. Today, therefore, we are not in a random point, today we look around us and can find implemented things that, 10 years ago, we perceived as absurd claims and maybe misplaced.
And all of this has been possible thanks to a shared corporate philosophy.
I do not work in a such a way because it doesn’t comply with our ethics” is the most beautiful sentence that you’ve ever heard in the company.
Today, we feel that the time has come to go further, because everything goes with this spirit. And we are very proud of SOVEGA’s ethics: on time and agreed objectives respect, professionalism and continuous search for quality.
We also say “no” to specific unfeasible requests. On the other hand we have the ability to develop adequate feasibility studies which led us to the resolution of doubts and anxieties of any customer. This makes us a service that works.
We’re not able to tell what we’ll be dealing with, in 10 years from now,  because services can be applied in IT contexts in many activities, with different methodologies and in various fields, from telecommunications to automotive.
But that’s not the point, we gear up day by day to be efficient and competitive. The point will be to protect our identity in front of ourselves and of customers. It is a difficult balance to manage, but we’re doing it well.