SOVEGA is pleased to introduce you AUIGes, a suite of real-soft solutions for the AUI (Archivio Unico Informatico, the centralised registry mandatory in Italy).

This initiative is the result of our experience in management and control of the AUIand aims to effectively support the field of software applications, according to the consistency and congruousness of the AUI.

AUIGes has own modules in support of the inspection and investigation activities of Judiciary, Internal Revenue Service and Financial Police.

Our main interlocutors are AUI managers and employees responsible for Audit and Compliance of financial intermediaries and insurance companies required to keep the AUI.
Thanks to AUIGes you will be able to effectively and efficiently operate, and, above all, with a high degree of autonomy.

AUIGes will initially be made of four modules:

Diag: archive status check (Diagnostic)

ChangeMg: variations management support  (Change Management)

Agde: specific flows production (Internal Revenue Service)

Cntr: required flows generation  (other Supervisory Offices)

AUIGes is constantly evolving and travels along the way of process’ simplification, which are the essential features of SOVEGA’s products and services.