Autumn novelty about SOVEGA: the development of the AUI Maintenance Section of AUIGes, our real soft solution for the Archivio Unico Informatico (AUI) (Single Information Archive). We already wrote about it in spring presenting the Control Section.

The AUI Maintenance Section of AUIGes consists of a set of functions aimed at supporting the financial intermediary in the daily keeping of the Archivio Unico Informatico (AUI) and in the control of the life cycle and of any internal / external inspections in compliance with the relevant legislation.
A strong point, from which derives the extreme flexibility and ease of management of the entire suite, is its core module and the data model, result of years of experience both in the technological and regulatory field.
In the spirit that characterized the design of the entire suite, with this section we wanted to overcome the cumbersome and the inevitable stratifications present in the application solutions currently widespread on the market, a consequence of regulatory developments that took place over the years.
The Database and the configuration of the operational choices and the integrated controls are the two components of the AUIGes architecture that allow to achieve excellent results in terms of extreme maintainability, lightness of the software code and excellent performance.
The architectural and functional peculiarities ensure a high configurability of operational choices and controls for each intermediary and guarantee the agility of acquisition (both of the previous AUI and of the daily movement) and the fluidity of all the processes.
In addition, when the product is initially launched, the AUI Maintenance Section provides a previous AUI one-time loading. This prior AUI will be split between AUI Offline and AUI Online according to the historical depth chosen by the client for AUI Online.

In the AUIGes Products section you can explore in detail the features of the entire suite.
We have provided several experimentation proposals. Contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to make you test the high configurability of the AUIGes architecture without obligation.