XBRL Confidi ™ is a tool for the generation of XBRL instances related to financial information transmitted to banks and Confidi (Credit Guarantee Consortia), according to the XBRL taxonomies defined by Italy and the ABI-Assoconfidi agreements (18/12/2013 and further modifications). XBRL Confidi ™ automates the process of generating XBRL instances.

The protocol extracts from the information system of the bank, information related to the positions (bank customers) guaranteed by Confidi, with the generation of the following 3 flows, characterized by standard data structures (record paths):

  • Data reliance
  • Personal data of the subject
  • Report data
  • Warranty data
  • Guarantor Data

Starting from the 3 flows extracted from the information system of each bank, XBRL Confidi ™, based on the Taxonomy and Protocol forecasts:

  • generates an XBRL (flow) instance for each Confido that has been the guarantor of at least one position in the bank’s data
  • acts as a first level diagnostic according to the taxonomy, signaling any non-conformities present in the flows produced by the bankThe request can then be submitted by the bank itself to the subsequent stages provided for by the protocol, relating to encryption and transmission to the Hub for sorting to Confidi.

SOVEGA offers to their customers direct use of the product in the following ways:

  • Rental (right of use + maintenance and assistance service)
  • License for perpetual use (right of use, maintenance service and optional assistance that can be purchased separately).

The maintenance and assistance service guarantees the constant adaptation of the product to the updates of the Protocol and Taxonomy.

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